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I'm a mom of three, busy wife, boutique owner and someone who always dreaded exercise! Since starting class with Cheryl i've become addicted to the studio. I never liked the gym environment so this is perfect - classes are small, very challenging, a lot of fun and the studio is gorgeous! The girls hang out before class and catch up on kids, husbands, social events and even swap ‘skinny food’ recipes we think we can convince the whole family to eat. Because of custom fitness I can still enjoy all my guilty pleasures like pasta, chocolate & wine without the guilt. After all, what fun is life without them? Thank you Cheryl from the bottom of my heart! -Tracy Coppola

I have been working out for many years and by far Cheryl has gotten me in the best cardio shape ever. Every class is so well planned out. She is constantly changing her classes and always watching to make sure your form is right on. She gives modifications if you need it and really wants everybody who comes there to get the best and safest workout. This has been the best workout experience ever!!! Thank you!!! -Tracy


After 25 years of Tae Kwon Do Training, teaching and competing, I was diagnosed with severe arthritis of the Hips. In 2009, I underwent bilateral hip resurfacing, which is more invasive than a complete hip replacement. After the surgery, my flexibility and core strength were completely gone, and while the hips were no longer in pain, I couldn’t tie my shoe laces, let alone kick above my knee. I needed a combination of strength training, flexibility work and gradual cardiovascular conditioning. Custom Fitness designed a program that helped me regain these 3 components. While no longer in my prime and not interested in competing, I’m in decent shape for a 50-year old, almost at optimum weight and couldn’t feel better. Cheryl’s Training Sessions and Classes are the best fitness environment i’ve found: upscale, personalized, friendly, challenging and highly effective. - Jesus


I have been working out with Cheryl for over a year and love it. I am continually amazed at how many different exercises she uses in her classes- it seems that she’s always trying something new and challenging! Her classes are always fun and never boring, and the studio is terrific. I also appreciate that she always has modifications to offer for every exercise. -Jen

Having been in the health and fitness industry for many years, I feel I am a good judge of personal trainers. Cheryl manages to give us an excellent work out, without every worrying about injury. Her attention to her clients really shows in how she consistently changes up the routine according to their needs and desires. She’s the best and I brag about her and her classes all the time! -Janet
Custom Fitness offers the best workouts with the freshest routines! I have worked out there for two years and I have never done the same work out twice and I am consistently challenged! I love these classes!! -Jan
I started training for the first time with Cheryl at the age of 74. Never thought I could do it. It is one year later and I hate to miss a session. Cheers to Cheryl for customizing a program for me! -Gloria
Cheryl has been training me for several years and she carefully tailors the program to fit your goals and the types of exercises you enjoy while ensuring you are performing the moves properly. She cares about your success and monitors progress. She asks the right questions and listens to your concerns. She is extremely professional and understands how to condition the body.
- Gina Garfunkel
I have trained with several personal trainers in the past, and none were ever as well prepared, professional, and enjoyable to work out with as Cheryl! Each session is truly ‘custom’ to exactly what I need!  - Eileen Goldstein
Cheryl is the most energetic instructor I've ever had. Her enthusiasm permeates the class; creating a lively, passionate environment. Her wealth of knowledge on fitness and nutrition enables me to consistently live the healthier lifestyle i've always wanted. Thanks to Cheryl, working out no longer feels like a chore. - Denise
Cheryl's classes are truly an amazing workout. During each class, Cheryl focuses on form and it feels like one-on-one training! The stronger I become physically and emotionally, the more empowered I become in both my personal and professional life. 
- Beth Azar
Since I have been working out with Cheryl I am stronger and my body is more toned than it has been in years. Cheryl works to develop customized workouts to address my target areas. Every 10 sessions we evaluate my progress and alter the program. I love her personalized fitness approach. She genuinely cares about my health and making sure I get the most out of every session. Thank you, Cheryl! - Kristen Mckillips